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9 Foods You Should Never Eat

Preserve Your Health By Banning These

Cooking and eating healthy can be a huge challenge all on their own. But add to the mix the idea that some foods that seem healthy aren’t, and a hard job just got tougher.

Some foods are billed as healthier for you, such as they contain less saturated fat. That could be. Then you read the label and see all the added sugar. Not much gain there.

Others are healthy in themselves, but the additives used in processing or the pesticides used during production add all kinds of chemicals that turn healthy foods into sources of who know what toxins. So how are you supposed to know what’s safe and what isn’t?

Check out this list of nine of the worst offenders.

1. White Bread
White bread and other refined flours contain little to no vitamins or nutrients, so they offer zero nutritional value. Plus, the body doesn’t know how to properly “digest” these foods, which can lead to health problems. Consider unrefined White Whole Wheat Flour, which is a WHOLE flour. This type of flour has the same nutrient value as whole-wheat flour but is milder, sweeter and lighter. According to The Whole Grain Council, white whole wheat flour has nutritional value equal to whole wheat flour.

2. Margarine
Like most processed foods, margarine is loaded with unhealthy hydrogenated trans-fat. Do your body, and your waistline a favor, by swapping margarine out for healthier unsaturated fats. Pure butter is a whole food. has no trans-fat, and is a better option if you’re considering going clean.
3. White Rice
Like white bread, white rice offers no nutritional value and the body does not know how to process it. In addition, white rice spikes blood sugar, making it dangerous for diabetics. Steer clear of white rice and choose brown rice, instead.

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