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Healthy Bacon Recipes

Bet You Never Thought You’d Find Bacon in a Healthy Recipe


Well, you can. Of course these recipes won’t be as healthy as a pile of greens with a little vinegar and oil, but who says that’s all you can eat? And it’s well known that if you give yourself a few treats here and there, you’ll be much more likely to stick with your eating program.


As with any food that’s higher in fat and calories, the key to using bacon is to add just enough to get that taste and crunch you’ve been craving. These recipes from Food & Wine show you just how to slip in some bacon to a number of recipes, while keeping the overall fat and calories to a reasonable amount.

They start their slideshow with this:

These bacon recipes all bear our healthy green dot designation, which indicates a recipe that is modest in saturated fat.

Check out all the recipes here.

Images from Food & Wine