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Seaweed That Tastes Like Bacon But Is Good for You

Scientists have Discovered Seaweed that Tastes like Bacon

Just about anything tastes better with bacon. Whether it’s the salt or the fat or that oh-so-good fried taste, bacon adds tons of flavor to whatever we’re cooking.

Too bad it’s so unhealthy, a guilty pleasure to be enjoyed in small quantities.

Now researchers from Oregon State University may have found a form of seaweed that could have bacon lovers cheering.

They claim that when fried, this seaweed actually tastes like bacon with a smoky taste. The texture, they admit, isn’t exactly the same.

I’m not sure I’m ready to trade the regular bacon for seaweed. Maybe as just flavoring to some other dish, or if I have a vegan friend over for dinner. Anyone want to give it a try?


Scientist Chris Langdon told BuzzFeed News that he and others at OSU have been working with the type of the seaweed, called dulse, for years.

After completing their research, Langdon said they stopped working with the dulse, until last year. At that time, a colleague from the school of business approached Langdon about studying the seaweed for human food.

“[It] turns out there was a really favorable response,” Langdon said.

The strain of dulse has since been turned into many other food products, like crackers and salad dressing. But researchers found that when the dulse was fried, it tasted a lot like bacon. “[It has a] savory, smoky taste when you try it,” Langdon explained.9. You can buy dried dulse at health food stores in the U.S., but Langdon said the type he worked on isn’t being sold commercially yet.

Check out the full article on Buzz Feed.

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