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Strawberry Tricks

Two Tricks to Make Cooking with Strawberries Easier

Strawberries—a fruit that is one of summer’s great gifts. Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of strawberries, almost like a candy that’s good for you.

More and more we hear about the health benefits of eating more strawberries. They are packed with anti-oxidants, folates and flavinols, which help ward off cancer. Their phenols fight inflammation, which is a blessing for people with ailments such as arthritis. Add to that Vitamin C and manganese, and it’s easy to see why nutritionists advise eating strawberries.

Unfortunately, all those benefits come with a little inconvenience. Getting rid of the stems and hulls can be tedious, and slicing can be time-consuming.

Here are two tips for speeding up the process.

We confess—we just can’t get enough of strawberries! Sure, they taste amazing on their own, but since we know we’ll be eating this sweet fruit all summer long, we felt it was high time to get more creative about how we’ll be achieving pure berry bliss from here on out. Here are 12 simple tricks that will give this summer favorite a serious upgrade:

1. Use a straw to quickly remove stems

While we love sinking our teeth into a juicy strawberry, pulling the stem off always seems to get in the way of fully enjoying the fruit. But thanks to blogger Amy’s smart trick, you can remove strawberry stems in seconds using just a straw. Just poke at the bottom tip, pushing the straw through your fruit until the stem pops right up. This trick is also a great (and safe!) way for kids to help out in the kitchen.

Learn more at New Nostalgia.

2. Use an egg slicer to easily cut strawberries into slices.

First, remove the stems from your strawberries. Than place them on an egg slicer with the top down. The device will cut your berries into thin slices, perfect for snacking.

Thanks to Country Living for the full article, which has more tricks for using strawberries. Be warned: some aren’t quite so healthy, but they all look inviting!